i am: sam.
aries moon, sagittarius rising.
into astrology.
computer obsessed.
an errant diarist.
a web designer.
experimenting with my camera.
somewhat photogenic.
mind-numbingly almost happy with my life.
a collection of images.
a sporadic camguy.
a purveyor of the lonesome kicker.
a facilitator of emrys' web site.
an unfortunate banshee fan.
working on a project.


they are: listen to modest mouse
play sissyfight.
read the poems of trey sager
reconsider time.
send me an email.


"negative feelings are damaging to life, whether we act upon them ourselves or cause or condone them in others. they are born of greed, anger or delusion and may be slight, moderate or intense. their fruit is endless ignorance and suffering. to remember this is to cultivate the opposite."